the dogs..

heres a look at the neat dogs and one of the interesting plants at the abkhazi gardens during their dog days a few weeks ago... this garden is really out of this world and everyone who can should go... arent these dogs sweet?

my heart...

although nate would rather i didnt post these... its really so rare that he allows me to photograph him that i wanted to share a few. these make me smile.

dara and mike..

emily and her veil

emily loves andrew loves emily

a sweet glimpse at what is to come ... andrew you picked a magical beach.
it was beautiful.

robyn + mike

some images from a very special day... i loved being there with you both. thanks for letting me be so close ... knowing both of you more now than ever.. i can honestly say you are a beautiful match.. it just feels warmer where the two of you are.
love steph