contest finalist...

if you are interested in checking out a contest i have become a finalist in go to:
wow, the work there is brilliant. i really love a lot of the imagery.
you should go there now! and vote!

family day....

try to guess our collective favourite colour? only one guess.

we spent a spell of time at this beautiful local garden.. abkhazi.

jess loves brad loves jess

heres a look at some of the imagery from jessica and brads beautiful wedding on august 25th .. it was amazing to be at st.annes academy for the afternoon.. some really gorgeous grounds and an old chapel to work in.. i love this last shot.. it reminds me of the portraits the upper class had painted of themselves throughout history. enjoy the photos !

like the look of this?

i am putting a new site together and wonder what you might have to say about this image.. which is actually three.. is it too busy.. or does it allow the viewer to see subtle changes in a series without having to see them seperatly??? which in turn takes up a lot of web space and seems to repeat itself... gem.. you know it is you im asking! any other comments would be great. although im not sure im reaching anyone outside the family!
thanks. rae
oh, by the way these two gorgeous folks hired me last year to photograph them before they got married..they wanted to use these as invite shots.. but they were too sexy for that im sure!


here are 2 shots that after working on these images i really love...


here are three of the shots we took of maddy a month ago.. we took them at gordons beach out past sooke... considering she was breaking teeth... she was a real sport. what an angel.