my godson, my nephew ELIAN

heres a look at how elian is growing.. he is a beautiful boy with such stunning eyes.
busy working on teeth and crawling everywhere fast.
we love him so much!

little leif

a few weeks ago our friends yon adn sue came to stay with us... this is their precious son who was sugar sweet. wanted to share a few of the shots i snapped as he played with his tools one afternoon.

my mug shot

im posting this to create a url for the blog, making this my profile shot... there i am, at the studio, in my new fall jacket. looking A LOT like my sister if i do say so myself!

Kylie + Paddy

here are my beautiful friends.. looking stunning and very much in love. this was a speical day for me as i was not able to be at their summertime wedding. so, spending a few hours together all dressed up in wedding making these images was really a lot of fun. they were great sports.. rolling in the leaves, hanging out under the bridge, curling up on the wharf. hope when you see your collection of images it will all have been worth it! LOVE you guys . s

steph + devin

a peak into a really special wedding... what a beautiful day. a truly heart made celebration.


heres a look at the work i have done for this fine man.. he is a very spiritual, grounded, healing being.. these images will be used to portray these qualities for his work and website.

what do you think?