Kylie + Paddy

here are my beautiful friends.. looking stunning and very much in love. this was a speical day for me as i was not able to be at their summertime wedding. so, spending a few hours together all dressed up in wedding making these images was really a lot of fun. they were great sports.. rolling in the leaves, hanging out under the bridge, curling up on the wharf. hope when you see your collection of images it will all have been worth it! LOVE you guys . s


gem said...

they are going to be so thrilled with these, rae - such lovely pictures, and kylie looks radiant! love you.

Stephanie R said...

Steph, these are so sexy! They have this smouldering, gritty quality to them. I love the couple in the leaves and the bride on the groom's leg, like she's about to claw up his leg...fantastic!!!!!