my cousin... and her family.

spent a few hours at the beach and in the back yard... we had a lot of fun.

mother to be...

heres a photo i recently took of a very strong, smart, intuitive being... who will make a brilliant mother. i love the way this image of her turned out.

Mad about Maddy

this is the sweetest image of our friends Dawn and Dale's precious gal.. i love her eye in this image. the afternoon was so stormy and this image really captures the feeling in the room that day. strong highlight proving a wicked attempt by the sun to break through the ever coming clouds.

more of the same...

these are two more images from my work with casey austin and marcy ross. Marcy is the creative mind behind Morena, a very cool clothing line. Casey is a talented actor and now screenwriter. its a pleasure spending an evening with these 2 talented creative forces.

cobblestone jazz

over the holidays i was lucky to photograph these talented musicians. i really love this one..more to come very soon.


during a holiday visit... on one of the stormiest days this winter... madison was the sweetest.