sundance + paul

having a stronger visual voice, i am not sure i can with words describe this day in a way that will truly convey the beauty it brought. the energy in the hotel room was higher than i have yet to experience leading up to the festivities of a wedding. being part of it was exciting. meeting the families of these two left me wishing i knew more about all of them. watching and listening to the ceremony that was entirely personal and unique to them touched my heart. sundance radiates well, like the sun. and paul was a perfect groom, picking her up and carrying her away from the beach rocks they wed on, leaving us all in our emotional bliss to discover theirs. i know this is a bigger post than usual, i thought that because many of the people who were at this celebration live in america or the other side of canada, this would allow them to see what i saw... beauty.

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Stephanie R said...

this looks like such a fun wedding..the shoes, the dress, the laughter...beautiful