georgia murray

a mighty talent who i cant say enough about... you should definitely check out her myspace page out using the above link. she has some serious soul and shes local! love this girl and felt honoured making an image collection for her.

gloria + paul

we met early on the day of the ceremony at cattle point~the very spot they met and a special way to start their wedding celebration. when we first arrived there was a thick fog which did roll partly out but left the sky a fog drenched white, quite beautiful soft light. the trees were starting to have the kiss of fall and look stunning in the background of some of the images. gloria was glowing with beauty and paul was very handsome as and they danced a sweet waltz for their guests as the night closed.

bronson kidd

check out my friend in these images we made for his production company... ill be sure to link to his site when its up and running. bronson kidd is where its at.

joann + kevin

this was such a sweet day.. very intimate wedding ceremony which would be followed by a special family dinner at the sooke harbour house. between the two we went down to the beach and caught some amazing late day sun. joann's colouring is so beautiful and rich in browns and reds, the perfect early fall palette. something that stood out early on to me was how jo
refers to kevin as "my guy".... so sweet and in love... to me their happiness shows in these images

special wooden toys...

thought to let you fine folks know that my father makes fabulous wooden toys ~ which are paint free and stained only with a natural oil, completely hand crafted, making them special to say the least... and made locally. they are the perfect gift for the little people in our lives. check them out here...

geert + katrien

this post is a long time coming... for that i am sorry to these very lovely people who married here although home for them is belgium! we had such fun making a collection of images for them to take home and remember always their day by. we spent time on the grounds of the aerie where they held their ceremony, but soon after went into mill bay and found a lovely beach to shoot at. i could have hung out for hours with them... interesting to talk to and fun as ever. my love for quality leather would cause a weakness for katriens shoes.. which were hers for some time before the wedding... conveniently looking perfect with her dress.. i just love them for their worn in well made deliciousness! the love between them is as solid as the rocks we were sitting on.