leah + michael

an image from a  much loved wedding on a recent beautiful and crisp winter afternoon. soon more will follow... but for tonight a glimmer of  the equally stylish and gorgeously unique bride and groom.  


tillie said...

love the color and overlay used on the outside shot! very classy addition...

Jim said...

Steph, your pictures are stunning. It's hard to sort through and pick favourites, and perhaps I shouldn't even be mentioning standouts, but I absolutely adore your 4rth and 13th shots in this blog entry. Picking winners from winners, really. Glad to have met you at Leah and Michael's wedding. You have such talent!

kat said...

you photography so many fabulous weddings! I have just had a total centric photography binge on my website, rocknrollbride.com!
Here are the linkys