carla & jordan

what a lovely day to be part of.... there is love and passion between these two that is felt by all. everything is followed by a big beautiful smile by carla & a truly special laugh by jordan. we went to the water where there was stunning light to create some images.. the sun would nearly set and we would find ourselves very cold by the end... but still the feeling was warm with love & excitement. i love so many of these images..  the light, the colours, the emotion made this my kind of day. thank you so much for having me be there.. for being so very sweet and fun.  wishing you the very best in your life together. blessings. 

at home...

cats & dogs.. and winter bouquets.... 

finnley... the superhero

love this series.. so much fun! we always document the kids on their birthdays...  such a great idea.  this year its all about super heros for finn.. there was lots of running around and of course many costume changes were in order.  

abby rose

a precious addition to a fabulous family we have gotten to know... one of those meetings we can thank our dogs for... dog park friends!  we also love their cat ( as does our dog), so i was sure to post an image of both.. but welcome world.. abby rose. such a sweet baby who is just 5 weeks old.. yesterday.