some images from our day together. we would flit about the city... having a truly grand time all the while, creating some fun images of the beauty for her new website... maria is a pilates & yoga  teacher  who is an inspiration to all who work with her. love this woman. xo s

this week...

i will be unable to answer email or phone for a week... thank you for your understanding. images of late to complete the post: one of the great tattoo artist here in town, jamer... and the top of the very cool artist & shop owner of regalia in the design district. xo s

melissa & christine

a few weeks ago i met melissa... a sweet young woman who is the daughter of my friend christine. we played around at the beach and made some imagery for the two of them. melissa took the train from toronto! had a blast and made friends along the way. 
she is talented musician with the voice of an angel.. check her out here


the kitty from next door. i was looking up from washing dishes in the kitchen... and couldnt believe where scrappy was. maybe hard to tell but this guy is way high! hiding. bird watching. cat napping. atop a big cedar.  so sweet and  brave. scrappy is always thinking outside of the box, we find him relaxing in the wildest places. wanted to share this guy with you. 

edit gem.

ben & christina

two weeks ago my good friend ben moore  and i shot this wedding together for his long time friend ben & now wife, christina.  there is a love that transcends this couple and is, as poetically put by christina's mum, more like the roots of a sequoia forest... where the trees  stand alone, but rely on each other for support. a truly beautiful wedding to part of. thank you for welcoming us into your families & hearts. xo s