beatrice, nelson & their dad

such fun.. especially the cotton candy part~ talk about sticky! i have photographed these two since bea was just a baby... love watching kids grow into bigger kids.

susan & jay

a celebration complete with great speeches, stories, adventure and style. all but a few guests came from out of province, and to make the trip especially special, susan and jay would have a double decker bus to deliver & pick up their guests... including a one hour tour of the city and coast between ceremony and dinner... excellent ideas! still there would be more: an after dinner sunset cruise... a surprise to most and a delight to all! susan and jay are interesting, creative, fun and well, made for each other... check them out here... if you have, then you will see why i was really wanting to deliver creative, well shot, designer approved images for these two! i hope they are loving these images. such a gorgeous day to have spent together. i especially would like to note, the vows.. personal, direct, strong and clear. a powerful way to start for EVER~ well done. SHAZAM!

gabrielle & norm

gorgeous ! this wedding was a true treat... the wedding took place at swans, on the roof top and carried over into the penthouse.. what a venue! it was a touching day and i am grateful to have been there. lots of laughter, hugs, and a room full of people who were so happy for gab & norm.