susan & jay

a celebration complete with great speeches, stories, adventure and style. all but a few guests came from out of province, and to make the trip especially special, susan and jay would have a double decker bus to deliver & pick up their guests... including a one hour tour of the city and coast between ceremony and dinner... excellent ideas! still there would be more: an after dinner sunset cruise... a surprise to most and a delight to all! susan and jay are interesting, creative, fun and well, made for each other... check them out here... if you have, then you will see why i was really wanting to deliver creative, well shot, designer approved images for these two! i hope they are loving these images. such a gorgeous day to have spent together. i especially would like to note, the vows.. personal, direct, strong and clear. a powerful way to start for EVER~ well done. SHAZAM!

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Anonymous said...

Ciao Stephanie from bella Roma! The photos you've posted are so lovely I'm ready to tear up all over again! Can't wait to see the rest - we knew you would do wonderful work, but are totally overwhelmed seeing the actual shots!
Thank you again for your creativity and sense of humour... we couldn't have asked for more in truly capturing our big day!
Susan & Jay