naomi & sean

oh the fun.... it just never stopped. naomi & sean have a lust for life and amazing support from fabulous friends and family. many whom travelled from europe & australia to be with them on their wedding day. i am excited for their story to unfold together as i believe it will be bright, full of travel adventures, new friends along the way, moving around the world.... and most of all built on a love that is based on friendship and a passion for each other that is clear to anyone who meets them. getting to know these two was a highlight of my summer. thank you to everyone that made me feel like a friend that day. all the best to you both in your new adventure as husband and wife down under! xos

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StephK said...

There is so much energy in these shots! Their love jumps out of my screen. What a beautiful wedding, and the shots to capture the vibrant colours and people involved. Good one. :)