becky & vicki

choosing to marry each other in a country that believes that love is love, these two great women made the trip up to canada and found themselves in beacon hill park one late afternoon.... married! being part of this celebration was a delight. one of my favourite parts was the way becky tucks herself into vicki.. gorgeous! thank you for being so open and warm. and sharing a very important day with me. xos

susie & david

ok... its 2:15 in the morning and i know i wont sleep before posting a handful of images from this out this world wedding. these two people quickly felt like friends to me, it was beautiful. and the love between them is golden. i am so excited to share this first look at what was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. s&d.. welcome home. and again, thank you. xos

tracy & greg

a real family affair, this wedding was sweet in nature and the closeness of everyone made for a very comfortable afternoon. a very very hot day in late july... with champagne to follow in a very very air conditioned room. what a great celebration amongst loved ones tucked way up high with a spectacular view. i loved all the children at this wedding... greg & tracy have a beautiful family of 5. check out the white suit worn ever so stylishly in the last frame.. love it!


eva.... what a gorgeous addition to life! she is just so new and content. it was such a happy morning and i just love the full evolution of my relationship with this family... i photographed their wedding, follow that with the maternity photographs we would later create and the most recent session baby eva... at their cool retro apartment when the day was still quiet and the room was overfilling with love for this new being. congratulations! xos