becky & vicki

choosing to marry each other in a country that believes that love is love, these two great women made the trip up to canada and found themselves in beacon hill park one late afternoon.... married! being part of this celebration was a delight. one of my favourite parts was the way becky tucks herself into vicki.. gorgeous! thank you for being so open and warm. and sharing a very important day with me. xos


73500 said...

Thats awesome!!! lovely pictures :)

Becky said...

Thank you so much for sharing our day, leading our adventures and capturing great moments!

The photos are amazing Steph...can't speak highly enough!

gem said...

wow, rae, you really captured the beautiful love these lovely women share. i am always so touched when you have a chance to take part in a wedding which could not have happened in many parts of the world. the love shining from so many faces makes me so glad to be canadian. congratulations, becky and vicki!