dara mike & the kids.

photographs.... there are so many reasons for making them. sometimes its the desire to create.  sometimes its the  need of capture.  some are moments when light life and magic come together for those " if i only had a camera" seconds that happen. often photographs are planned timed and posed for perfection...  i could go on, because as i have already mentioned.. so many reasons to take or make a picture!  on this particular day there was a purpose. well, there were two. one was daras desire to have artistic.. fun.. natural images of  them with their dogs. the other was to capture & preserve the sweet soul of  joey.( she is the littlest one with the neat patchy eyes.) she is getting tired and her health is no longer tip top.  so off we went.. to create these, a series of images that will keep a visual record of life as it is now... i hope in my heart that they do. 
* dara.. thank you for your patience! i know you have been waiting for these ... love steph


73500 said...

I love them Steph thanks for posting them for me sooo excited cant wait to see the rest!!! Lil Joey is doing good right now she has had a great few weeks :) and has some of the sass in her step this week :) thank you thank you


StephK said...

eeeeeeeeee!!! Puppies!!! So many spots and big smiles. Nothing is like the beautiful dog (or dogs)in our lives.

73500 said...

I love all of the pictures soo much thank you Steph you have definitaly caught all of the girls little personalities :) Now deciding which ones to blow up :)