christina. a film frame.

she is so beautiful. she planned such a beautiful wedding. for now just this delicious image.

kylin & andrew: take two

thank goodness kylin and andrew are getting married. and thank goodness they asked me to be part of this special date. i am so excited. they have a sense of play that is a photographers dream. kylin makes the dresses that she appears in... fall back in time on my blog to see her others. the first attempt at this shoot could be titled us against the rain.. the rain eventually won out... but not this time. the light was perfect. the fair was quiet. they brought it. xos

jazz & theo

i cant wait to share more from this day... the party that followed the beautiful outdoor ceremony really made me proud of my hometown roots. was a great gathering of people who all danced their hearts out on a dance floor MADE by the groom and his mates. how cool is that? until i dig deeper into the edit, enjoy these frames. i am in love with the first one. xos

manjeet & laura

this wedding is dear to my heart because manjeet is my friend. i am so happy for their happiness. manjeet is one of the most generous, hard working and kind hearted people i know. for those reasons and his colourful clothes (note the lavender suit & matching shoes) he is an ace. i am so happy for him and laura. not only are they married now, they are also the proud parents of their son, jackson. they had a gorgeous ceremony & dinner at the superior in james bay. bravo to the great folks at the superior for making such an amazing day perfectly personal. blessings to laura, manjeet & baby jackson. love me. xos

lori & todd

i adore the story these two told me of their courtship, very sweet~ i love how they look and talk to one another. they had a very private wedding and i was honored to be a witness~ love that ! they spoke directly to each other. their eyes were locked. it was beautiful. i loved lori's dress, roses, and her stunning hair that would catch in the wind. they have been waiting patiently for these images to appear. thank you for that. i hope you love them and they bring you back to that special time in your journey... crossing the threshold into a deeper existence together. xos