ali & tom

looking at these images, it is like i am there again... surrounded by the love and warmth that each of these families and all of their friends showered on each other and especially on the bride and groom. i can also hear ali's laugh.. such a good one as is her smile. i hope that these images bring smiles to all who were there, invoking within the magic of this wedding. i wish you a life abound with blessings. thank you. xos


73500 said...

Amazing!!! LOVE LOVE THE SHOES!!!!!

gem said...

rae - really - you take the best photos of the most gorgeous weddings - these are AMAZING. they are fun, intimate, real - and oh, so lovely.

Paul Mc said...

What! Steph posted WAY more of T&A's pix than ours. What-ever!

(...AKA so jel I couldn't be there with you all. Almost feel like I was with these photo's though. Still zing's though.)

Miss you, Steph. Smooch.