an overwhelming moment of joy.

i really need to say thank you. to everyone who has hired me. trusted me. hugged me. fed me. laughed with me. opened up to me. i have had such an incredible summer... i am as they say, living the dream. or my dream. which is really unbelievable. just now as i edit my heart out i had this feeling, which i have been fortunate to have on more than one occasion this summer where i smile and thank the universe for my life. but i realized i needed to thank my clients. truly without them what would i do? so thank you. thank you. thank you. xos


SarahPetrescu said...

Your photographs renew my faith in love and beauty Steph.... thank you!
xo Sarah

StephK said...

YOU are the one who deserves the thanks. You capture our lives so that we remember the important pieces through art and beauty...we love you so much!
Steph and Dev

Sue said...

Yeah - adding my vote to the comments above. Its a dialogue Steph, and you speak/photograph in ways that make big spaces for feeling and beauty; so glad to know the gifts you are so generous with return to you.