summer & colin

what a truly beautiful couple. colin is a fire fighter who i had worked closely with while making the 2009 calendar... he is one of the most solid & reliable people i have met. when summer and colin asked me to photograph their wedding i was so honoured and excited. she is breathtaking and has the neatest personality... i adored her instantly. during the reception the emphasis on family, unconditional love and the strength that lives within these foundations were clear indicators that summer and colin will grow only richer in their journey together. thank you for sharing this day with me. blessings. xos


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Steph! We loved having you there and we felt so comfortable with you as our photographer. Colin and I can't say enough good things about you. You are just a fantastic person and a fabulously talented photographer. Thank you again!

73500 said...

Wow what an amazing photo set the colours are fantastic!!! love the truck awesome


Kim Kalyn said...

Steph the one of her laying on the truck is so flipping amazing !!! I would blow that one up huge :)