today over a delicious latte i was talking with my friend about creating photographs. how i love making images that are real in meaning. or simply have meaning. i have found this so satisfying while focusing my time at weddings and with families. there is a rush that happens when you really tap in. into your subjects. into the moment. into the meaning. recently i had an amazing experience while shooting: there was silence for a spell of time. as if a divine power had connected us all, guiding us through the moment, quietly. love that. this series of images is one that also left an imprint within me. the morning session followed a truly spiritual evening of celebration and so much of the night before was waking up with us. the love between this family is really one of strength... closeness... truth... meaning. i am excited for laurie to see these, because i know in my heart she will also feel them. happy birthday laurie. xos

my friend emily...

is going to be a mum in less then a month now for the second time... we spent the shortest ever time making a few frames to remember this by last week in her back yard stream. i cant wait till the 18th of december... when we welcome the littlest member of their family into the world. love you emily lara (and your made in canada tee). xos

story book. wedding album.

this is a sample book that i made and wanted to show some of my clients... this is a 10x10 inch book bound in a black vinyl cover with a round spine. then finished with a photo sleeve. the pages open flat, are matte and gorgeously thick. i am so happy that the book is made in vancouver.. making it mostly local. the last shot.. well that is me showing the world my newly cropped locks. happy monday everyone! xos

sweet sisters and their mother

this just a taste of the images we created not long ago in one of the most magical places i have been in victoria. the whole family was there.. but here, the beautiful women. kim is a talented and vibrant photographer in the city who took photographs of my family this summer. thank you kim~ i love when we get together for coffee and talk... i could see more of this girl. also, over the course of many months i had a couple of serious conversations with kim's mum over the phone. i was really looking forward to meeting her and so happy that i have. an interesting woman who lives in a historical farm house complete with sheep, chickens, bunnies and cats.. i loved her collected art which adorns her home and also all the talking we have done about trees, birds, victoria, marriage and children.. we really have talked! so thank you for becoming what feels more like friends. enjoy this little bit of what is to come~ xos

micah sage

arrived some weeks ago now. this is she just new! we were all star gazed by her. sleepy and snug up to aleta & loren... so beautiful. this was an afternoon of tender moment after tender moment. the room so very warm and quiet and at times full of music comes alive again for me when i look at these images. welcome little love child. xos


the enchanted forest that we played in is their yard. AND the house they live in was built by travis.. amanda's husband and the soon to be daddy seen here. there was so much laughter in the woods that morning... i left feeling so alive. thank you for that amanda. i hope these photos fill you with even more joy as the days take you closer to "the" day~ xoxoxoxoxs