today over a delicious latte i was talking with my friend about creating photographs. how i love making images that are real in meaning. or simply have meaning. i have found this so satisfying while focusing my time at weddings and with families. there is a rush that happens when you really tap in. into your subjects. into the moment. into the meaning. recently i had an amazing experience while shooting: there was silence for a spell of time. as if a divine power had connected us all, guiding us through the moment, quietly. love that. this series of images is one that also left an imprint within me. the morning session followed a truly spiritual evening of celebration and so much of the night before was waking up with us. the love between this family is really one of strength... closeness... truth... meaning. i am excited for laurie to see these, because i know in my heart she will also feel them. happy birthday laurie. xos

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