a self portrait.

im working on some new ideas and took this the other day... another solo shoot... taken against my house on a whim. xos

seeing things.

last week i had work that took me up the island. after the session wrapped i drove a bit deeper to purchase possibly the best coffee beans i have ever had. for the past few mornings i savour the ritual of our morning cup even more than ever... the bag so beautifully stamped by hand and the beans grinding and pressing into the best espresso i have yet to make from our truly talented island roasters. what happened next, was a surprise shoot out. just me and my camera. something i realized rarely happens.. being a portrait photographer means that there always others with me at the time my images are made. which, i love and am endlessly inspired by. however, newness also inspires me.. and i really enjoyed this spontaneous idea to stop the truck and see what i could see. what do you think? xos

lauren's baptism.

the memory of this day will hold high in many hearts. it was the first time in my life that i have been at a baptism and as warned... it was emotional~ in such a beautiful way. the entire service at the lutheran church of the cross was really very important that day i felt honoured to be part of worship. here are a few of the images that i hope will be cherished. thank you to everyone who welcomed me. xos


what a sweet sweet baby she is. and how adorable is her big brother? he was so good with her... wanting no assistance while holding his brand new sister. i love these images. they just feel so tender to me... and precious. xos