seeing things.

last week i had work that took me up the island. after the session wrapped i drove a bit deeper to purchase possibly the best coffee beans i have ever had. for the past few mornings i savour the ritual of our morning cup even more than ever... the bag so beautifully stamped by hand and the beans grinding and pressing into the best espresso i have yet to make from our truly talented island roasters. what happened next, was a surprise shoot out. just me and my camera. something i realized rarely happens.. being a portrait photographer means that there always others with me at the time my images are made. which, i love and am endlessly inspired by. however, newness also inspires me.. and i really enjoyed this spontaneous idea to stop the truck and see what i could see. what do you think? xos


gem said...

i love seeing you play with your camera, rae! these are truly beautiful - you should play more often. the self portrait above is sweet!

StephK said...

These are dreamy my love!!! Way to capture the essence of the day in these shots. Mmmm moziro.