eric. laguna beach.

last summer i traveled to the ever so lovely south coast of california with my friend eric. i had forgotten about these images until today. seeing them made me feel the warmth of that day and thought it might do that for you too~ a little california dreamin' never hurts! xos


one last image of dawn from our time together. i love this image and wanted to share it. xos

my friends. their family.

i love this family... they have been our friends for years now... paddy has even been both of our boss' at one point. we all live in the same part of the city but dont see each other near enough... though i was lucky enough to spend tuesday morn with them in our hood. xos

piano pretty please

im putting the call out to the universe of blog readers.... does anyone have or know of someone you does have or a location that houses a piano that i could use in a photo shoot? its coming up in the next month... there will be 3 people coming along with me... including one of the sweetest darlings who is learning to play. the piano will be mostly a prop. thank you in advance for any input you might have. xos

more. just a bit more... amelia.

cant help it. and her mamma will love me for it. what a beautiful girl. xos


jackson has a special place in a lot of peoples hearts. you can see why in these images.xos


one of my favourite afternoon memories will be this one... spent rediscovering one of our teenage hangout locals. we were shocked at how much had changed. then while editing these it hit me... how much we have changed... i guess its true, you know, what axel rose said.. nothing lasts forever (a little homage to our teenage selves). soon dawn & dale will be the proud parents of their second child and i cant wait to meet the little one. thanks for playing dawn. wishing you the best my friends. xos