meet amelia.

on the day these photographs were taken amelia was celebrating being 4 months old! how sweet. she belongs to two of my friends who i am so proud of. being around them and listening to them talk about life, being parents and love was inspiration to me. thank you for being so kind.. having me in your home.. the generous snack we shared afterwards... the bottle of sparkles that awaits a celebration of my own.. but for now.. heres to your beautiful daughter and all that she has brought with her. this is not amelias first sighting on the big wide web.. her wonderful mother keeps us in updates with her fabulous blog.. be sure to check it out through this link. xos


StephK said...

oh Steph, our daughter is only cuter in person. You managed to capture her amazing little personality, the love of our family, and your love for us as you always do. I can't wait to see them all!!! Love You. Us.

beatlemania said...

Lovely. This is what happens when you get two amazing Steph's in a room together (ok and a Dev)! Beautiful work!