celebrating our mother... earth.

"... do something. Pay your rent for the privilege of living on this beautiful, blue-green, living earth." dave foreman

"There is enough for all. The earth is a generous mother; she will provide in plentiful abundance food for all her children if they will but cultivate her soil in justice and in peace." bourke coekran

and on that note... off with my computer and out into fresh air to take in some earth with my dog friend. happy earth day.xos

gabe and his kin.

much like the earlier post i made this morn, these people have really become my friends over the years. we have met on most every mile stone of their lives... weddings, pregnancies, baby arrivals, birthdays.... im there. how lucky am i? and grateful . i love these kids and have so much fun being around them as the brood grows~ this session marks gabreile's 6 months on earth. we played and played at the park last week all the way over to soft ice cream at the drive in. thank you sean & leesa. xos

beatrice, nelson & randall. make music.

one of the most rewarding and fascinating parts of my work is being witness to growth... something i was unaware of when i ventured into photography. this family i am posting today have been coming to me for four years now... our annual session this year took place at the art gallery of greater victoria, a beautiful setting to say the least. what brought us there was the piano~ how grateful am i that when i put the call out for a piano this is what i received. dont you agree that beatrice looks sweet up along side this beautiful piano??? love it! i am really in awe at how much the kids have grown up and the fact that they are playing instruments now drives home my earlier note. thank you to their dad who trusts me every year to create memories of his children and to beats & nelson for playing along... xos

emily & her family.

i met emily in grade 8. thats right... many many moons have passed since then... and although we dont pass notes back and forth during class, after class, in the foyer, in the morning... you get the idea right?, we are still special friends. we spent the afternoon together a bit ago photographing her family at the local legendary farm house. that was a treat all to itself as my father and his family lived there when he was young... neat! these photographs make me happy... not only because i love each person in them but because we had such a wonderful time making them. em... i hope you love them half as much as i love you. xos

amy & don.

what a beautiful wedding. so honest and real. being part of this day was simply wonderful. i know this is a huge post but many of the guests were from out of town and i wanted them to see and feel the day all over again. i have to say the flowers from foxglove were stunning... some of my favourites ever. and i fell in love with deep cove chalet that day. the icing on the cake that afternoon was the amazing live jazz.. i wish i could remember the name.. but what i do remember is the sound and the way the music made the room come alive. blessings don & amy. enjoy! xos