emily & her family.

i met emily in grade 8. thats right... many many moons have passed since then... and although we dont pass notes back and forth during class, after class, in the foyer, in the morning... you get the idea right?, we are still special friends. we spent the afternoon together a bit ago photographing her family at the local legendary farm house. that was a treat all to itself as my father and his family lived there when he was young... neat! these photographs make me happy... not only because i love each person in them but because we had such a wonderful time making them. em... i hope you love them half as much as i love you. xos


gem said...

WOW! Em, you look so beautiful, and your family is gorgeous! Coral is so sweet and Connor is awesome. Love you!

Oh - and Rae, you make everyone shine a little brighter with that camera of yours, as usual!

Anonymous said...

They are so so so great awwwwwww.. I love them all and my family xxoo Steph as always great job!! you are so wonderful :) Love Jazz