meghan & mark

this past weekend i was treated to a wedding on pender island at poets cove resort. this is truly luxury. thank you and congratulations to this two wonderful people~ walter was right... we were witnessing a miracle. more soon. xos

detailed beauty

images from a recent collection that i find myself seeing in my minds eye. over and over again. yes, i love these shoes. xos

in the morning sunshine

this image makes me so happy. its such a capture of youth & sibling love. xos

wade. little precious wade.

my friends had their second child not long ago and i had a chance to see him with his little sister and mum recently. oh, he is a dear babe. i am so happy for you all and wish you the world. heres to wade ~ xos

pam & scott. to be married this june~

oh wedding season... fills a heart with joy, excitement, jitters, inspiration, ideas and most of all... LOVE. this wedding is going to be so fabulous. these two are overflowing with style and i cant wait to see it colour their wedding day. they will marry at one of the most beautiful beaches in our area.. a personal favourite of mine. when i met pam & scott i was struck by the way they connected to each other and the energy they brought to our meeting. they are warm wonderful people and i cant wait to photograph their special day... thank you .xos

meet baby samuel

what a beautiful baby. very calm. sleepy. and clearly by the images captured... loved. spent a short spell of time with him and his family... the entire time was cuddle time in the bedroom. what a way to say hello to the world. welcome samuel and thank you to this amazing family for welcoming me into their home and into their lives. blessings to each of you. xos