wedding magic

i could not get these two images out of my minds eye since the wedding last weekend. everytime i closed my eyes, took a break, had a moment to myself i saw back to these moments... had to get them out there.. into the world. i love the photograph of the shoes and dress with the beautiful old antique chair tucked inside. more to come from this special day soon. xos

denise & her children... all together.

last year i was lucky to photograph denise and her girls... they were so wonderful to work with and we had a ton of fun. this year, i am even luckier and met the whole clan while they were here last month. despite the fact that it was freezing, windy, and did i mention WINDY??? this family shone through and because of their beauty both inside and out we created some really special images to keep them close at heart to one another no matter how far apart they are by geography. xos

annaliese and her family

how much fun was this session? well, it took about 10 minutes before all shoes and socks were off to play in the sand and water. that was a great start, also it was a warm day which is seemingly rare around here this season. the playing would continue on the way back to the house with a quick stop at the play ground of course. there is some history in this session for me... annaliese, the beautiful mum in these images was (in another lifetime) a skating friend of mine! we spent years and years on the ice together and later i would become a student of hers. was really neat to see each other again after so many changes and time.xos

shellie & juan...

are almost parents! what a lucky child theirs will be. really my only times with these two wonders has been with them in front of my camera... but i must say, i feel like i know them a lot more than i probably do! there is always ample time talking and connecting before we shoot and during the session. which i love~ i also love these super stylish photographs we made a few weeks ago in studio. the plan had includes the great outdoors.. but the mother nature was not only wet.... but really really grey. so in we stayed and what a pleasure it was... i sometimes forget just how much i love the studio.. making light and focusing on my subjects solely. of course it helped that shellie is stunning and has an amazing sense of style and brought fun pieces(note the tights!) and juan brought his arm art which is incredible and very colourful. i must thank them for a really great evening and wish them the best in the coming weeks as they embark on a new chapter of their life together. cant wait to meet your babe~ xos