katie & nick. camera shy.

it took a lot of convincing to hire a photographer for this wedding i am sure~ it even took a lot of convincing on my part that a short spell of time to take A FEW portraits was a good idea... im not even sure they ever completely believed me but did trust & play along. my hope is that after seeing these photographs this GORGEOUS couple finally agrees! katie & nick are really outstanding individuals... the type of people you meet rarely in life and want to know more of instantly. i would be remiss not to mention that katie has represented canada at the olympic games, with her mad swimming skills. wow! and her brilliant husband is an economist... i am 99% sure i have never met a real working economist before nick. they had a very intimate wedding atop swans brew pub, where they spent hours with close friends, eating, drinking, being merry, listening to heartfelt speeches and watching the colourful fireworks over the harbour as a finale... i will be posting more of their day soon. but for now just some katie & nick. i am so proud of these two for creating these with me.. i know it was tough.. so thank you and wow, arent you fabulous in pictures???? xos

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