krista loves kyle loves krista. forever.

it wasnt just me who noticed... my wonderful second shooter said it and later that night during speeches i would hear it again in slightly different words but with the same meaning... eric's version went something like this "kyle is so into krista. the way he looks at her is amazing!" the point is... kyle loves krista. a lot. i know she loves him too.... its all very clear. these two are in deep deep love. note that photograph way up at the top. i said... kyle wrap up around krista.. and he did just that. it was very beautiful and it is very much one of my favourite moments all summer long. i enjoyed the whole day spent with these two and their closest. the entire wedding party, plus all guests had come from out of town and were all a pleasure to meet and photograph. krista & kyle i hope this small taste of what is coming your way fills you back up with that not long ago beautiful october day, that is from that day on... yours. thank you so much for being so great. xos

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D.A said...

Great pictures and I love love love love love love love love her ring! The Diamond has character like mine ok LOVe LOVE love it! D.a