look who turned one.

at the tender of age of one, there is no doubt that amelia likes to party and knows how. she was a so sweet at her party. a perfect social butterfly showing off her brand new walking skills over the course of the day. sharing everything that was hers with all the special little people in her life. and boy oh boy when that cake came out she was lit from the outside in! so thrilled that everyone was singing and excited about what seemed and was her~ she got so into the spirit of things she rubbed icing all over her head and into her hair. it was adorable. here are some of the shots from her party. happy birthday amelia. we all love you! xos


StephK said...

Steph. You are magical. The picture of her toes kills me! Dev and I were just talking last night about how her toes are always busy no matter what the rest of her is doing. You are so special to catch these images. Thank you for being such a beautiful part of our family.

beatlemania said...

That's my girl - I knew she had it in her to "git" that cake! She made her auntie's day!