wood owl

this beauty of a creature came to our house... just before christmas. a big barred owl... hung out for about an hour and then flew to his next post. what a wonderful moment it was~ i was so excited! happy new year to all of my lovely friends, family and clients...

saxon. brand new.

saxon was very busy sleeping during our time together... she was just days old. such a special time. her family is incredible and all very much in love with the newest member of their circle. congratulations.xos


on my way back to the city last week i saw the prettiest sunset. i rarely shoot anything without a person in it. but for this i pulled over and out came my camera. down a quiet road... all alone. a great quiet moment to take in the beauty of home. xos

cathy & jon.

a magical day on the west coast. the first day of december and the first day of the rest of their life together as husband and wife! not only was i their photographer i was lucky to be a witness to this marriage. i feel honoured. congratulations cathy & jon. it was absolute dream to meet and spend a few hours with you on your day. xos