i fell in love with this little lass. she is so bright and sweet. as you can tell by many of the photos she loves to read. she also loves hazel her special horse. owl her stuffed friend. dolly is a hit. birds.. she loves birds, as do i so we hit it off from there. she also loves her very loving parents. they are close family and a pleasure they were to photograph. by the end of our time together mila was backing up into my lap with book in tow for a read. too cute. mila:melting hearts since 2009.

jen & chris

a great way to start the new year.celebrating a love that is real and blessed. i was smitten with so much of this day... the flowers, the sunshine, the way jen did her own hair ( which looked fabulous), the groomsmen all working to tie ties and be on time for chris, i loved jen's dress... long for the ceremony & portraits...then off came the length and under was a sweet little party dress for the evening (great design), i loved the way the girls gathered and were there for jen, the speeches, the adorable flower girls.. ive said it many times and ill say it many more i am sure.. i love small weddings. i love the intimacy and tight knit feeling of a small gathering of loved ones. i wish these two happiness and joy during this really exciting time for them. thank you for taking me with you on this day.xos