finnley... hes five!

finn has been a subject of mine for five years now. every year around his birthday we get together and relive his themed birthday party... this year LEGO. how fun! the session ended with a storm tropper outing into the back yard.. into his "cave' as he calls it. his great imagination led him to his stick gun and up a tree. we had a blast. not to mention at the very end of our time together his mum and i would be dancing to a just dance wii game after drinking a super special hot chocolate complete with whip and marshmallows. (setting a bad example for the kids was me... eating the marshmallows and going back for a second layer.oops) could not have had more fun on a monday afternoon. happy birthday finn!xos

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D.A said...

Awesome Pics Steph!! Wow i remember last years Fin Blog post he got big! d