zoe & mike will welcome their second child into the world very soon. we are friends and nieghbours. zoe has one of the best personalities i have ever met. funny and sharp and full of sass. we went down to our local beach to take these... without our dogs~ this time for a different purpose... to record the time just before. their daughter was such a sweet child on this morning adventure, staying safe in daddy's arms or propped right on top of mummy. she also made one of the best pout lips ever seen by my camera when she made up her mind it was too cold and time to head home. cant wait to welcome in the newest member of your family... congratulations~ xos

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StephK said...

ooooooooh, these make me smile...and hopeful that if we are lucky enough to welcome a second, I'll still be able to carry my first around on my belly! Beautiful family, beautiful pictures.