john sun.

i was lucky to meet and photograph john a number of weeks ago. one thing i am so grateful for in my business is meeting people from all walks of life. john and i are such different people... we do such different things... but in our hours together we truly kept great company. it was an absolute privilege meeting someone who saves lives and devotes much of his to that very cause. john is a neurosurgeon... i would be remiss not to mention that in this short post about him. there is something really amazing about people who are able to have such a profound career. i was in awe of him for much of our time together. that said.. i was also very happy with these portraits we made near his home and at my studio. good times. oh, and i cannot forget to mention sunshine.. his sweet pup who came to the studio session. so sweet. thanks js. xos

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Anonymous said...

i feel sorry for him.

pathetic and sad little man.