pierre. musician.

working on a series of images for this young artist. pierre is a very talented musician. i think of him like a poet... he would say he is a rapper i am sure, and he is. but the bottom line is he very gifted and has at a young age found his passion in life. i find youth so fascinating. being around it i am reminded of my own youth... what it was like finding things for the first time. discovering a passion, delving into something for the first of what may become a million times. passion is really the best fuel. it allows you to do something over and over and over each time finding something new or tapping into something deeper. passion is really a discipline. i suppose i am saying so because it amazes me what focus and determination someone can posses when they love something. whatever it is... xos


StephK said...

WHAT happened between the grass and the black and white shots!?!?! AWESOMENESS HAPPENED!!!! Two distinct moods, themes and men in this one-man photoshoot. So great to see.

Kim Spears said...

Steph these images have such soul. Love the feeling to them. So much diversity!